Welcome to USASMA Volunteers

Dear Sergeants Major Course Students, Family Members, USASMA Staff, Instructors, Assistant/Associate Professors

It is a pleasure to have had you volunteer in past assignments and communities. Join us this academic year 2019-2020 at the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy.

The following volunteer positions are available:

General volunteer (Equal Opportunity Observances)

General volunteer (Milam School Partnership)

General volunteer (Special Events) – the special events include participating as a committee member for Trunk or Treat, Class 70 Dining-In, Bataan Death March, USASMA Holiday event etc.

General volunteer (Special Skills) – the special skills include participating as a committee member for the El Paso Marathon, Fort Bliss Commanders Cup, Class Coin, Class Yearbook, Class President, POD leaders, Classroom leaders  etc.

JROTC Support Volunteer Committee

Senior/International Spouse Enrichment Committee

SLDC Mentor Volunteers

USASMA Army Ten Miler Volunteer Committee

The United States Army Sergeants Major Academy and Fort Bliss community would be most grateful if you respond to this request to assist in the various events throughout the academic year. We look forward to your response.

HOW TO VOLUNTEER: It is very easy to volunteer – go to www.myarmyonesource.com, Select the ‘Register’ link. Select the JOIN NOW! button.  Enter your Name and create a User Name and Password. Add your Email and Location and some information about your Military Affiliation. Click the “Continue” button. Now you are a member.  By registering, you’ll have access to volunteer opportunities. Already registered,  select, Login and enter your user name and password.

Select volunteer tools in upper right portion of the page, on the Volunteer Opportunities screen, using the drop down arrow under Organization select USASMA – Student (Statutory); select Search, the Volunteer Opportunities are shown. Select the position for which you would like to volunteer, the display shows details about the volunteer position, in the top left corner is the cancel button and the top right corner is the apply button. Select apply and fill out the information and select submit.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Evelyn Hollis
USASMA Volunteer Liaison/Coordinator

Your Volunteer Coordinators by Departments are:

DCL – Mr. Thomas Galen

DPS – SGM Junella Manglona and Mr. Leo Adams

DJIM – Mr. Victor Predraza

DFM – SGM Barbra Borja

DAO – SGM Richard Shanklin

DDE –  SGM Elsaesser

MLC –  SGM Shandrel Stewart


SLS – SFC Brad Pickel

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