Strategic Plans


Provide the USASMA leadership and stakeholders with information, proposals, and strategies to best achieve our objectives of ensuring quality education, training, and professional development for the Noncommissioned Officer Corps in the future.


1. Lead the USASMA strategic planning process and create a document (Strategic Plan) that leadership and other stakeholders will use to transform the institution from a military organization that trains to an academic institution that educates and trains Soldiers.
2. Develop a long range communication plan (Strategic Communication Plan) that integrates all our programs and developing efforts, and gets the information out to audiences of specific concern to USASMA that impacts funding and resourcing and tells the USASMA story.
3. Promote the creation of an organizational culture receptive to continuous improvement.
4. Establish an internal communications system that encourages feedback from students, staff, faculty, and family members.
5. Examine and evaluate new technologies, future battlefield concepts, and other efforts that may impact NCO education and training.
6. Manage Military Contruction Request (Area Developments Plan)
7. Coordinate with the Institute for NCO Professional Development (INCOPD) for on-going and future initiatives.
8. Recommend courses of action on policies and initiatives affecting the USASMA mission and goals.
9. Respond to unpredicted taskings from the Command Group.

Top 5 Priorities

1. USASMA Strategic Plan
2. USASMA Significant Activities Report (SIGACTS)
3. Command Communications
4. Command Briefs
5. Military Construction Updates


Commandant’s Initiatives Group
COM: (915) 744-9192
DSN: 621-9192

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