NCO Corps History

History of the Creed

The NCO Creed is believed to have started on the 4th floor of building 4 at Fort Benning, Georgia, in 1973 on a plain white piece of paper with only the three letters; N-C-O.

About Us

The Noncommissioned Officer Leadership Center of Excellence (NCOL CoE) is developing, researching, and archiving the history of the NCO Corps as a profession. We are requesting the help of all NCOs past and present to tell us about their experiences as a leader and the impact that was had on the organization (squad, section, platoon etc.), mission, and Soldiers for whom you were in charge. Telling your experiences will allow for future NCOs to learn and grow from your detailed accounts of your accomplishments. The submissions received will be published for other to read, therefore keeping the heritage and lineage of the NCO Corps strong and ongoing.

Theme: Supporting Todays Corps with Yesterday’s Past


Fostering the identity and espirit de corps of the United States Army NCO Corps through education and history.


Provide a format where Junior Enlisted and NCOs can share their experiences of being a leader and the impact it had on themselves, Soldiers and organization.

Command Historian


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Dr. Everett Dague or SGM Haywood Vines

PH: (915) 744-1375

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