Master Leader Course (MLC)

MSG James Gregg
MLC Instructor/Writer
MSG Kyran V. Adams
MLC Instructor/Writer
MSG Casey L. Brantner
MLC Instructor/Writer
MSG Christopher D. Nelson
MLC Instructor/Writer
SFC Carlos Roman
SFC Carlos Roman
MLC Instructor/Writer


The course is designed to challenge and educate selected Sergeants First Class in the areas of professional writing, communication skills, public speaking, critical thinking, organizational and command leadership, management skills, joint and operational level of war fighting, discipline, readiness, health and administrative requirements. In addition, students will be exposed to topics like National Security, Joint Intergovernmental and Multinational (JIM) and Strategic Thinking.

Course Documents

MLC Student Data Sheet

Pre-Execution Checklist

MLC New Student Information

Fort Bliss Training Travel Guidance

MTSA Handbook 2014


Class Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – I am a promotable SFC or already promoted to MSG. Do I need to attend MLC?

A – No, if you are already a promotable SFC, or are already a MSG you do not need to attend MLC.

Q – Who can attend MLC?

A – Until the FY 18 MSG list is released, only non-promotable SFCs will be eligible to attend MLC. Once the FY 18 list is released, those selected will be scheduled to attend MLC IAW the Army’s Select Train Educate Promote (S.T.E.P.) education / promotion strategy.

Q – How are enrollments into MLC managed?

A – Like ALC and SLC, enrollments into MLC are managed by HRC Schools Branch.

Q – If I am already a MSG, do I need to attend MLC to be eligible to compete for promotion to SGM?

A – No. If you are currently a MSG you do not need MLC to compete for promotion to SGM.

Q – I am scheduled to attend MLC. Where does my information regarding the course come from, and who does my DTS request?

A – If you are scheduled to attend MLC, you can find some information about attending the course from ATRRS. You should also receive a Welcome Letter from the NCOA where you will attend MLC that details some specifics about report times and locations, and prerequisite requirements. You must schedule your own travel requests through DTS to attend the course.

Contact Info

MLC Facilitators – Resident  (915) 744-8479

MLC Facilitators – DL (915)744-1087

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