Intermediate Leadership Courses (ALC-LCC/SLC-LCC)

MSG Paul E. CaswellCourse Manager
MSG Paul E. Caswell
Course Manager

Advanced Leader Course – NCO Leader Core Competencies

The Advanced Leader Course Common Core (ALC-LCC) prepares sergeants for duties as a staff sergeant. The course will challenge students to think critically, generate creative ideas, and learn to solve complex problems. Students will develop skills in written and oral communications using the be-know-do model through a holistic approach. Key lessons include discussing servant leadership, examining the mission command philosophy, writing an analytical essay, preparing and delivering a military briefing, and using the military decision making process (MDMP). As a result, students will be able to train, lead, and conduct operations at the squad level.

Senior Leader Course – NCO Leader Core Competencies

The Senior Leader Course Common Core (SLC-LCC) prepares staff sergeants for duties as a sergeant first class. Using the be-know-do model, students will collaborate and exchange ideas on innovative approaches to leadership and training. Students will examine management techniques, analyze mission command systems, construct a persuasive essay, create platoon training and leader development plans, and learn basic negotiation principles. As a result, students will gain an understanding of the significance of becoming a senior noncommissioned officer and the responsibilities inherent in that role.

*Advanced Leader Course – Leader Core Competencies Distance Learning

Soldiers can access their Advanced Leader Course – Leader Core Competencies Distance Learning (ALC-LCC (dL)) completion certificates through ATRRS by following these instructions:

  2. Once logged in, you will click on “View ATRRS Training Record” under “User Tools” on the upper left.
  3. Look for your ALC course 600-C45 (dL) and click on the certificate link.

NOTE: If you receive an error or certificate is not showing, please call ATRRS below:

ATRRS Help Desk Information


DSN: 225-2353
(Overseas DSN Code: 312)
COMM: (703) 695-2353
Monday-Friday 0730 to 1730 EST

DA 1059s are only issued to those MOSs with no technical phase (i.e. 29E, CMF 79, etc.) and only to those who completed ALC-CC (dL). Once they complete SSD II, HRC will give ALC equivalency credit but will not give a DA Form 1059 because SSD II is not a Primary Military Education (PME) course.

Help Desk

For issues with the ALMS website call: 1-800-275-2872

For Blackboard issues call: 1-915-744-2370

The POC for issues with course updates on ERBs is

To retrieve completed SSD content: In ALMS, under “Completed Learning” go to your “Detailed Training Record.” In the “From” field, ensure the date is prior to the training. Find your course and select “Actions” then “View Content.” From there you may “Launch” any lesson you like.

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Enrollment Issues

For enrollment issues please DO NOT contact the course manager. The course manager cannot enroll Soldiers into any PME course or SSD level.

For Regular Army enrollment issues: Through your CHAIN OF COMMAND, contact AHRC at

For AGR, IRR, and IMA enrollment issues: Through your CHAIN OF COMMAND, contact AHRC at usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-ncoes–

For USAR Soldiers: Through your TRAINING NCO and CHAIN OF COMMAND, contact the MSC Quota Source Manager or

For ARNG Soldiers: Through your CHAIN OF COMMAND, contact the State Quota Managers appointed by the State or Mr. James Vail at


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