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The Equal Opportunity Office ensures equal opportunity and fair treatment for military personnel, family members and DA civilians without regard to race, color, gender, religion or national origin. It seeks to provide an environment free of unlawful and offensive behavior. The Equal Opportunity NCO serves as a liaison between the community and the Academy on equal opportunity issues and concerns.


This page provides information about the U.S. Army Equal Opportunity Policy and Complaint Process IAW AR 600-20, Chapter 6, within the U.S. Army. It is our policy to provide equal opportunity and fair treatment to Soldiers, Family members, and DA civilians without regard to race, color, cender, religion or national origin, as well as an environment free of unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment. Individuals are encouraged to use the chain of command to redress Equal Opportunity (EO) complaints. The chain of command, whether military or civilian, has the primary responsibility for developing and sustaining a healthy EO climate. This responsibility entails, but is not limited to, promoting positive programs that enhance unit cohesion, esprit, and moral; communicating matters with EO significance to unit personnel and higher headquarters; correcting discriminatory practices by conducting rapid, objective, and impartial inquiries to resolve complaints of discrimination; encouraging the surfacing of problems and preventing reprisal for those who do complain. The command is also responsible for taking appropriate action against those who violate Army policy. Commanders will ensure that Soldiers are fully aware of the procedures availabe to obtain redress of complaints to include those against members of the chain of command.

For complete guidance on EO policy see AR 600-20.


COMM: (915) 744-2279/1092
DSN: 621-2279/1092

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