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For help navigating the Distributed Leader Courses use the contact information below.

*Advanced Leader Course – Common Core Competencies Distance Learning

Soldiers can access their Advanced Leader Course – Common Core Competencies Distance Learning (ALC-CC (dL)) completion certificates through ATRRS by following these instructions:

  1. https://www.atrrs.army.mil/selfdevctr/
  2. Once logged in, you will click on “View ATRRS Training Record” under “User Tools” on the upper left.
  3. Look for your ALC course 600-C45 (dL) and click on the certificate link.

NOTE: If you receive an error or certificate is not showing, please call ATRRS below:

ATRRS Help Desk Information

Email: ahelp@asmr.com

DSN: 225-2353
(Overseas DSN Code: 312)
COMM: (703) 695-2353
Monday-Friday 0730 to 1730 EST

DA 1059s are only issued to those MOSs with no technical phase (i.e. 29E, CMF 79, etc.) and only to those who completed ALC-CC (dL). Once they complete SSD II, HRC will give ALC equivalency credit but will not give a DA Form 1059 because SSD II is not a Primary Military Education (PME) course.

DL Help Desk

Mr. Hector Perez (915) 744-2370

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