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ATTENTION!!    SSD I & SSD II will be discontinued on 30 September 2019.  If you are currently enrolled in SSD I or SSD II and fail to complete the course by 30 Sep 2019, you will be disenrolled.  If eligible, you will be enrolled into the equivalent DLC level I or II by the quota source manager on or about 01 Oct 2019.  ***If you have completed SSD I or SSD II, please verify your ATRRS Training Record reflects completion. If you have graduated, but the graduated status is not reflected in ATRRS, please send in a help desk ticket to ALMS to have your ATRRS record updated.***

Claudia Nieto
Course Manager


The intent of DLC is to bridge the operational and institutional domains and set conditions for continuous growth. DLC will ensure learning is continuous and enduring, not sporadic and transitory. DLC is required learning that continues throughout a career and that is closely linked to and synchronized with classroom and experiential learning. DLC sets the conditions for continuous growth both as a warrior and a warrior leader. DLC builds knowledge and skills through a defined sequence of learning approaches with the adjuncts of formal education and experiential learning.

Distributed Leaders Course Levels

DLC Level I

DLC 1 prepares the Corporal/Specialist to improve basic communication skills to message ideas and thoughts clearly; recognize the need for strong character and values; demonstrate tactical and technical competence in leading teams; and take initiative to become a lifelong learner by exploring interests and executing measures to pursue civilian education. DLC I is a prerequisite for the Basic Leader Course (BLC).

DLC Level II

DLC II prepares the Sergeant to react to cultural dynamics in the Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational (JIIM) environment; develop self and subordinates to use sound and ethical judgement; be an agile and a multi-skilled leader in the operating environment when information is ambiguous and uncertain; and be accountable with moral and ethical character when managing programs; and take initiative to become a lifelong learner by exploring interests and executing measures to pursue civilian education. DLC II is a prerequisite for the Advanced Leader Course (ALC).


DLC III prepares the Staff Sergeant by providing an opportunity to improve as a leader, a professional, and as an individual in the human dimension. The course develops the leadership skills needed to lead a platoon size element and to make quick, accurate decisions that are in the best interest of the mission and Soldiers. DLC III is a prerequisite for the Senior Leader Course (SLC).

DLC Level IV

DLC IV prepares the Sergeant First Class to lead at the unit and organizational level by developing the Leader Core Competencies (LCC) and attributes associated with the Leader Requirements Model. Learners will develop the skills necessary to ensure the unit is ready, trained, proficient, disciplined, and motivated. In addition, the course will prepare the learner for unit-level administrative and staff roles to ensure successful operations. DLC IV is a prerequisite for the Master Leader Course.

DLC Level V

DLC V prepares the Master Sergeant to lead at the unit, organizational, and operational level; it is designed to close the gap between strategic and tactical planning. Learners analyze and apply knowledge which will assist them in carrying out policies and standards on the performance, training, appearance, and conduct of enlisted personnel. The course further develops the Leader Core Competencies (LCC) and attributes associated with the Leader Requirements Model resulting in senior leaders who are ready to advise and initiate recommendations pertaining to the local NCO support channel. DLC V is a prerequisite for the Sergeants Major Course (SMC).

DLC Level VI

DLC VI educates senior 6C/6S and 7C/7S to perform senior-level duties at the nominative level positions throughout today’s operational environment (OE). This course provides the Army with self-aware, adaptive leaders of character and competence with the skills to shape and overcome the friction created by uncertainty and operate in an operational environment. DLC VI is a prerequisite for the Nominative Leader Course (NLC).

DLC Enrollment

Enrollment into DLC is managed by the Unit Training NCO/Section. Your Chain of Command must schedule you for enrollment into the appropriate level of DLC through ATTRS.

Contact the appropriate HRC SSD/DLC enrollment representative below for issues with DLC reservations:


AGR, IRR and IMAusarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-ncoes-reserve-schools@mail.mil


ARNG – Through your chain of command contact the appropriate State Quota Managers.

DLC Course Manager

Claudia Nieto PH: 915-744-8392

ATRRS Help Desk Information

Trevor Adams, Assistant Registrar
Directorate of Education
The NCO Leadership Center of Excellence & U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy
Fort Bliss, Texas 79918-8002
PH: (915) 744-8207
Fax: (915) 744-3203
DSN 621
Email: trevor.c.adams.civ@mail.mil

DL Help Desk

Hector Perez   PH: (915)744-2977


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