Department of Force Management

DFM Chair
Ms. Theresa (Tess) Spagna
DFM Vice Chair
SGM Melissa O’Brien









The Department of Force Management (DFM) is designed to inform the “how to” and “why” of determining force requirements and alternative means of resourcing Soldier training requirements, in order to accomplish Army functions and missions as related to their unit and Army Command (ACOM)-level management positions within Army organizations. This department provides a systemic overview of “How the Army Runs”. Students will learn the constitutional, statutory and regulatory basis for the force projection Army and the capabilities that must be sustained through management of doctrinal, organizational, and materiel change. They will become familiar with Army organizational roles, function and missions, especially at the Army Command and Army Secretariat/Staff levels. They will also be introduced to the established force management processes; from the determination of force requirements through to the resourcing of those requirements and the assessment of their utilization in order to accomplish Army functions and missions. At the completion of the DFM semester, a successful student will be able to define the roles that Sergeants Major have in the force management process.

Informational Video

Coming Soon! This video will give students and interested stakeholders and overview of the department and what to expect during the school year.

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