Department of Command Leadership

DCL Vice Chair
SGM Gabe Arnold
DCL Chair
Mr. Michael Hayes









The Department of Command Leadership (DCL) focuses on the “Be”, “Know,” and “Do” aspects of leadership in order to teach students how to develop and hone their skills, knowledge, and abilities to lead at the operational and strategic levels.While in this department students will use a blend of military and civilian case studies to critically analyze contemporary and historical issues in an effort to expand their leadership perspective and gain a greater understanding of the challenges Sergeants Major face as they work to improve individuals and organizations while functioning in today’s operational environment. The curriculum in the DCL is designed to enable future Sergeants Major to speak the same language as their officer counterparts and understand the thought processes they will use to provide timely and relevant input and advice when confronted with the issues and complexities of leadership at the operational and strategic levels.

Informational Video

Coming Soon! This video will give students and interested stakeholders and overview of the department and what to expect during the school year.

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