The USASMA became CGSC’s fourth school on 21 March 2018 and is recognized as a CGSC branch campus by the Higher Learning Commission. The USASMA receives staff and logistics support from the Noncommissioned Officer Leadership Center of Excellence (NCOL CoE) on Fort Bliss, TX. The NCOL CoE’s Commandant, Deputy Commandant, and Director of Education serve concurrently as leaders of the USASMA. The NCOL CoE’s Director of Education is the Assistant Dean of the USASMA. In addition to delivering the resident and non-resident Sergeants Major Course (SMC), USASMA provides a twelve-week SMC International Student Pre-Course and eight day Spouse Leader Development Course. The USASMA also maintains an on-line preparatory course for SMC candidates called Distributed Learning Course V (DLC V).

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