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  • The NCO Leadership Center of Excellence provides professional military education that develops enlisted leaders to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

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The NCO Leadership Center of Excellence launched the latest edition of the Distributed Leaders Course – DLC 5 and it will be open for enrollment in ATRRS beginning November 19. Want to learn more read the latest edition of the Halberd.

NCOLCoE debuts Course Catalogs

The NCO Leadership Center of Excellence introduced the NCO Worldwide website – a student centric, educational, web-based platform – designed to enhance the professional lifelong learning capabilities for Soldiers to share anywhere in the world they may be serving. The website also captures all the advances in NCO PME, as well as non-MOS specific courses, by providing Soldiers a digital link to their NCO Professional Development System. Recently, the NCOLCoE published the first two volumes of Course Catalogs: NCO Common Core Competencies for Professional Military Education, Reference Curriculum-Volume I; and   Distributed Leader Course (DLC) Professional Military Education Reference Curriculum – Volume II.

These catalogs provide course maps and descriptions of every level of DLC and PME and are a must read for student preparing to take enroll in any of the PME courses. Course Catalog Volume III will provide the same information for the Battle Staff NCO Course and the Commandants Pre-Command Course and will be published once all updates to these courses have been completed and the courses reach full operational capability (FOC).

Click on either of the images below to access the respective course catalog. 

Course Catalog Vol I
Course Catalog Vol II

NCOLCoE seeks applicants for the Sergeants Major Academy Fellowship

The NCOLCoE is seeking applicants for Cohort 7 of the USASMA Fellowship. This is considered a broadening assignment.

The NCO Leadership Center of Excellence is calling all eligible Command Sergeants Major and Sergeants Major to apply for The Sergeants Major Academy Fellowship Program, Cohort 7.

The NCOLCoE and the Academy Fellowship Program targets Sergeants Major who have demonstrated the potential and a strong desire to be an educator of future Sergeants Major. This fellowship program directly supports the CSA’s top priorities focusing on “People” and “Readiness” by providing graduate level instructors who can deliver an undergraduate level program of instruction at The Academy. The instruction emphasizes the roles and responsibilities of the Senior Noncommissioned Officer at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels capable of making sound and critical decisions. Selected candidates will pursue a Master’s Degree in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education through Pennsylvania State University or a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation from Syracuse University . Both degree programs provide the knowledge and skills in the academic disciplines of adult learning, distance education, program planning, research and evaluation, and course design that are required for professionals to educate adult learners from all branches of the military and our international partners.

Those wishing to compete should follow the instructions as outlined in the Fellowship Halberd.

NCOLCoE seeks nominations for International Military Student Hall of Fame

The NCO Leadership Center of Excellence is calling for nominations for the 2020 International Military Student Hall of Fame. Instructions for submitting nominations can be found in our by clicking on the link below:


Funk’s Fundamentals: General Shares Life Lessons

With the formation of every team, comes learning the basic fundamentals of the game in order to reach the end goal, a winning score. There are many components that make up a successful team, but no matter what the role, they all come together for a common objective. Through training, teambuilding, and effective leadership, every coach can achieve a winning record.

General Paul E. Funk II is constantly crafting his book of plays and continues to use them as he leads the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command to victory. This playbook of sorts comes from his past 40 years wearing the uniform of an Army Soldier, never failing to add to the lessons that are a reminder of the cornerstones of his career. As the 17th Commanding General of TRADOC, Funk uses his own fundamentals as ‘watch words’, embodying his commitment to excellence for Soldiers, Civilians, and the Families that make up the winningest team in history.

“By impacting people across their careers, TRADOC is truly a people-driven command,” Funk said. “We acquire the talent and ensure that we train them to be good, responsible citizens.”

Funk’s Fundamentals are intended to boost morale and inspire. Pulling these lessons from other people or stories he’s heard, these practical ideas continue to shape his personal leadership philosophy.

“Find that one thing that makes your heart race and gets you up out of bed, mine happens to be being a Solider,” Funk said. “I never have trouble waking up in the mornings. It is about service to the nation, that’s what I am passionate about.”

From start to finish, his admiration for the devotion it takes to join the Army continues to grow. One of the earliest fundamentals he learned was #1, Always Secure Yourself First. Being able to understand the people and environment you are entering is essential, he said. Commanding multiple times, most recently as Commander of Operation Inherent Resolve, he believes in America’s next greatest generation that continues to move forward with courage into each new day and join the fight. …Read More

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