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  • The NCO Leadership Center of Excellence provides professional military education that develops enlisted leaders to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

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Supporting today’s NCO Corps with yesterday’s past

Dr. Everett Dague the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence Command Historian, reviews historical documents to verify the information provided through a submission on the historical website, on March 18.

By Danielle O’Donnell
NCO Leadership Center of Excellence, Public Affairs Office

THERE was a day, before the advent of the A-bomb and its more destructive offspring, before smart bombs and nerve gas, before computer technology and war games, when professional soldiers regarded reading history as a useful pastime. Many who have scaled the peaks of the military profession have testified to the utility of studying military history.
Most of these, however, seem to be commanding voices out of the past.

Jay Luvas, Military History: Is It Still Practicable?

The NCO Leadership Center of Excellence believes history is practicable and has created a website through the Office of the Historian to receive written or recorded contributions from all service members, past and present, to tell their NCO story.

“A profession which started more than 200 years ago, has progressed over time,” Dr. Everett Dague, Command Historian, NCOL CoE said. “Today’s NCO knows more, trains more, and has more responsibility than any NCO in history.”

The purpose of the website, he said, is to collect information on the NCO profession over the years, then disseminate the information to the shared experience section of the website as a reliable resource after is has been analyzed and interpreted. Dague added that all contributions are categorized based off the six NCO Common Core competencies: Readiness, Leadership, Training Management, Communications, Operations, and Program Management. The website is an emerging product designed to provide leadership and mentorship, which can help develop, integrate and deliver training readiness throughout the NCO Corps. …Read More

CSM Lee rises from platform to USASMA director

Command Sgt. Maj. Jimmy Sellers, commandant of the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence passes the unit colors to Command Sgt. Maj. David Lee, signifying the passing of responsibility of the USASMA from Command Sgt. Maj. Nuuese Passi during ceremonies Feb. 1. (Photo by David Crozier, Command Communications)

By Danielle O’Donnell, Public Affairs

With the passing of the unit colors during ceremonies held Feb. 1, at the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence, Command Sgt. Maj. David Lee assumed the responsibility of director of the U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy from Command Sgt. Maj. Nuuese Passi Jr.

Officiating the event, Command Sgt. Maj. Jimmy Sellers, commandant, accepted the Academy colors from Passi and handed them to Lee signifying the change of responsibility. With the ceremonial transfer of responsibility complete, Sellers addressed those in attendance.

“It’s always a great day in our Army when we can take time out of our schedules to recognize, and pay tribute to, Army professionals,” he said. “I can’t think of two NCOs who personify professionalism more than Command Sgt. Maj. Nuuese Passi and Command Sgt. Maj. David Lee.”

Lee, a member of cohort 1 of the USASMA Fellowship program, is the first Soldier to move from the platform to being director of USASMA. … Read more

Bradford inducted into Hall of Honor

Photo by Spc. James Seals
On 14 December the NCOL CoE inducted Ms. Betty Bradford into its Hall of Honor for her 33 years of tireless service to the betterment of NCO Professional Development as the first Registrar of the institution. Above, Assisted by Command Sgt. Maj. Jimmy Sellers, commandant of the NCOL CoE, Ms. Bradford unveils her Hall of Honor plaque that will hang among her fellow honorees on the walls of the Cooper Lecture Center.

By David Crozier, Command Communications

The NCO Leadership Center of Excellence recognized Ms. Betty Bradford, NCOL CoE Registrar December 14, for her contributions to the education, training and lineage of the Noncommissioned Officer Corps and NCO Education System by inducting her into The NCOL CoE Hall of Honor. Charles Guyette, Assistant Dean, U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy, hosted the event along with Command Sgt. Maj. Jimmy J. Sellers, commandant of the Center of Excellence.

“Today I have the honor of introducing the newest inductee into the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy and Noncommissioned Officer Leadership Center of Excellence Hall of Honor,” Guyette said. “We are the proponent for NCO History, so I am going to tie a little bit of history into my remarks.” … Read More


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