Structured Self-Development

Structured Self Development Levels

 Bridge (Logos)Bridging the Gap – Graphic Illustration describing the different phases in Structured Self Development

SSD Level I

The Structured Self-Development (SSD) level I course teaches initial term Soldiers to communicate ideas and thoughts clearly, recognize the need for strong character and values, demonstrate tactical and technical competence, and take initiative to become a lifelong learner by exploring interests and pursuing a civilian education. Structured Self-Development level I is a prerequisite for the Basic Leader Course.

SSD Level II

The Structured Self-Development (SSD) level II course prepares sergeants to react to cultural dynamics in the joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational (JIIM) environment; develop self and subordinates to use sound and ethical judgement; be an agile and a multi-skilled leader in the operating environment even when information is ambiguous and uncertain; and be accountable with moral and ethical character when managing programs. Structured Self-Development level II is a prerequisite for the Advanced Leader Course.


The Structured Self-Development (SSD) level III course prepares staff sergeants by providing an opportunity to improve as a professional and as an individual in the human dimension. Additionally, it will provide an opportunity to acquire the be-know-do model skills needed to lead a platoon-size element. Students will analyze and apply leadership development, mission command, cognitive dominance, and Army programs. Structured Self-Development level III is a prerequisite for the Senior Leader Course.

SSD Level IV

The Structured Self-Development (SSD) level IV course prepares staff sergeants and sergeants first class by providing them with an opportunity to improve as individuals and as professionals. Students will enhance their ability to apply cognitive dominance while preparing professionally for the Master Leader Course. Soldiers will study organizational leadership, functions of a joint staff, principles of sustainment, the exercise of mission command, and the problem solving process. Structured Self-Development level IV is a prerequisite for the Master Leader Course.

SSD Level V

The Structured Self-Development (SSD) level V course prepares master sergeants by providing them with an opportunity to improve as individuals and as professionals. Students will enhance their ability to apply cognitive dominance while preparing professionally for the Sergeants Major Course. Students will analyze leading change in an organization, receive an introduction to contracting and funding, understand the capabilities of multinational and inter-governmental agencies, and study contemporary legal issues.

SSD Level VI

In development.

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