Structured Self Development – Level V Modules

SSD V prepares Soldiers for the strategic levels of Army leadership. SSD V’s primary focus is at the nominative and joint staff levels.


Module I

  • SR511: The Civilian Hiring Process
  • SL512: Special Senior Enlisted Positions
  • SL513: DA Civilians Professional Development Program
  • SL514: The Human Dimension of Leadership
  • SL522: Senior Leader Media Skills
  • SR517: Conflict Management Resolution
  • SR531: Stewardship of Resource Management Program
  • E E501SSD: Examination 1


Module II

  • SJ532: The Program Objective Memorandum (POM)
  • SJ533: Modified Table of Organization & Equipment/Table of Distribution and Allowances (MTOE/TDA)
  • SJ534: Funding Joint Operations
  • SJ515: Joint Leadership Issues
  • SJ516: Strategic Level Leadership
  • SJ518: Proper Protocol and Etiquette at the Strategic Level
  • SJ523: Analyze Joint Special Operations Task Force (JSOTF) and Conventional Joint Special Operations Task Force (CJSOTF) From Different Areas Of Operations (AOS)
  • E E502SSD: Examination 2


Module III

  • SJ524: The Operational Environment
  • SJ525: The Joint Targeting Process
  • SJ526: Information Operations (IO) Campaigns
  • SJ527: Nation Building Operations
  • SJ535: Support Agreements with Foreign Governments
  • SJ537: Effectiveness of Host Nation Support
  • ST521: Manage Information in Operation Centers
  • ST536: Civil Affair/Civil Military Operations
  • E E503SSD: Examination 3


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