Structured Self Development – Level IV Modules

SSD IV prepares Soldiers for the Sergeants Major Course. SSD-IV’s primary focus is at the battalion and brigade level.



Module I

  • SL411: Execution of Ceremonies
  • SL412: Create Mentorship Strategies
  • SL413: Army Weight Control Program
  • SL414: Sponsorship Program
  • SL415: Ethical Leadership Decision-Making Process
  • SL416: Develop Subordinate leaders
  • SL417: Military Justice
  • SL418: Army Family Team Building (AFTB) Program
  • SL419: Army Suicide Prevention Program (ASPP)
  • SL421: Command Team Roles
  • E401SSD: Examination 1

Module II

  • SR411: Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness (CSF2)
  • SR412: Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP)
  • SR413: Organizational Inspection Program
  • SR414: Introduction to Environmental Impact of Military Operations
  • SR415: Army Systems of Records
  • SR416: Unit Maintenance Program
  • SH411: Military/NCO History
  • SL420: Professional Writing
  • E402SSD: Examination 2

Module III

  • ST411: Develop a Mission Essential Task List (METL)
  • ST412: Preventive Medicine Program
  • ST413: Critical and Creative Thinking
  • ST414: Risk Management
  • SJ418: Conflict Resolution
  • ST415: Introduction to Negotiations and Mediations
  • ST416: Critique and Validate a Standing Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • ST417: CALL
  • E403SSD: Examination 3

Module IV

  • SJ411: Introduction to Mission Command
  • SJ412: Introduction to Military Operations and Culture
  • SJ413: Introduction to the International Security Environment
  • SJ414: Introduction to American Civil-Military Relations
  • SJ415: Joint Forces (Government and Non-Governmental Agencies)
  • SJ416: Relationships Between Interagency Operation and Host Nation Support
  • SJ417: Types of Money in the Operational Environment
  • SJ419: Operational Art
  • SJ420: Capabilities of the Media/Public Affairs
  • SJ421: Introduction to Contracting
  • E404SSD: Examination 4



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