Structured Self Development – Level III Modules

SSD III prepares Soldiers for the Senior Leader Course (SLC). SSD III’s primary focus is at the platoon level.

Module A

SL312  Develop Organizational and Leadership Skills

SL313  Ethical Leadership Decision-Making Process

SL314  Positive command Climate

SL315  The Army’s Mentorship Program

SL316  The Army Family Team Building (AFTB) Program

SL317  The Army Substance Abuse Program

SL318  Develop a Unit Physical Security Plan

SL319  Supervise the Setup of Ceremonies

SL320  Introduction to the Casualty Assistance Process

E301SSD  Examination 1 – Module A

MODULE B               

SL321  Soldier for Life

SL322  Problem Solving

SR311  Army Systems of Records

SL311  Military / NCO History

SL323  Develop an Essay

SL324  Plan a Research Paper

E302SSD   Examination 2 – Module B


SJ311  Cultural Diversity

SJ312  Joint Forces Capabilities

SJ313  Conduct and Preparation of Troops for Media Engagement

SJ314  Army Forces Generation (ARFORGEN)

SJ315  Information Operations

SJ316  Unified Land Operations

SJ317  Civil Affairs / Civil Military Operations

E303SSD  Examination 3 – Module


ST311  Develop a Standard Operating Procedure

ST312  Develop a Mission Essential Task List (METL)

ST313  Platoon Drills and Ceremony

ST314  Preventive Medicine Program

ST315  Fundamentals of Critical Thinking

ST316  Reduce Combat Stress

ST317  Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL)

ST318  Briefings

ST319  Coordinate Unit Deployment Readiness Activities

E304SSD  Examination 4 – Module



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