Structured Self Development – Level I Modules

SSD I prepares Soldiers for the Basic Leader Course (BLC). SSD I’s primary focus is at the team level.



SSDI Mod1 Module 1 Introduction

SSD112     SSDI Mod1 Army Writing Style

SSD117     SSDI Mod1 Combat Operations Reports

SSD113     SSDI Mod1 Composite Risk Management

SSD114     SSDI Mod1 Detainee Operations

SSD119     SSDI Mod1 History of the NCO

SSD118     SSDI Mod1 mTBI and PTSD

SSD116     SSDI Mod1 Personnel Recovery

SSD111     SSDI Mod1 Self Directed Learning Principles

SSDI Mod2 Module 2 Introduction

SSD123     SSDI Mod2 CCTS

SSD121     SSDI Mod2 Counterinsurgency Principles

SSD122     SSDI Mod2 Cultural Effects

SSD124     SSDI Mod2 How War and Multiple Deployments Impact Subordinates

SSD125     SSDI Mod2 Leadership

SSD126     SSDI Mod2 MPSP

SSD127     SSDI Mod2 Personal Habits for Health and Fitness

SSD128     SSDI Mod2 Troop Leading Procedures


SSDI Mod3 Module 3 Introduction

SSD131     SSDI Mod3 Casualty Assistance

SSD132     SSDI Mod3 Conflict Management

SSD133     SSDI Mod3 Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals

SSD134     SSDI Mod3 NCO

SSD135     SSDI Mod3 Preparing a Brief

SSD136     SSDI Mod3 Primary Roles Of The Military Services

SSD137     SSDI Mod3 Principles of Effective Management

SSD138     SSDI Mod3 Supply Activities

SSD139     SSDI Mod3 Types of Rehearsals


SSDI Mod4 Module 4 Introduction

SSD141     SSDI Mod4 After Action Review

SSD142     SSDI Mod4 Army Ethic

SSD144     SSDI Mod4 Conducting Drill Squad

SSD134     SSDI Mod4 History of the US Army

SSD146     SSDI Mod4 Host Nation

SSD145     SSDI Mod4 Identify Financial Readiness Actions

SSD147     SSDI Mod4 Task Organize Squad for Mission

SSD148     SSDI Mod4 Time Management

SSD149     SSDI Mod4 Map Reading


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