Hall of Honor

Hall of Honor inductee, Sgt. Maj. Steven R. Merrill, U.S. Army retired (second from left) is joined by (l-r) Command Sgt. Maj. (ret) Jimmy Spencer; Command Sgt. Maj. Dennis Defreese, USASMA commandant; Gen. (ret) Gordon R. Sullivan; Sgt. Maj. of the Army (ret) Kenneth O. Preston; Command Sgt. Maj. (ret) Dan Elder; and Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III. Merrill was inducted on Aug. 22 along with Command Sgt. Maj. (ret) Don Thomas who was unable to attend due to a personal medical emergency.


Hall of Honor Induction Ceremony 2015 


The United States Army Sergeants Major Academy Hall of Honor was established in May 2006, with the purpose of providing a highly visible and prestigious means of recognizing individuals who significantly contributed either to the Sergeants Major Academy or to the Noncommissioned Officer Education System.

Inductees must have served meritoriously in a position of great responsibility and provided service distinguished by meritorious achievement and significant improvements or enhancements to existing programs or procedures.

Selection Process

Nomination Criteria

Nominee must be a US Citizen.

Nominee must have served meritoriously in a position of great responsibility in direct support of NCOES or USASMA, in which the recommended service made significant improvements or enhancements to existing programs or procedures.

Nominees must have retired from active federal service at least 12 months prior to date of Hall of Honor ceremony. An individual who is retired from military service is not precluded from consideration due to active service as a U.S. Government civilian in any capacity, provided the 12 month post-military requirement is met.

Nominations may be made posthumously.

Waiver authority for any aspect of the Hall of Honor selection process rests solely with the Commandant .

Nomination Procedures

Anyone may nominate an individual for induction in the Hall of Honor. Nominations must be based on genuine knowledge or documented research.

Nominations are forwarded NLT 1 May annually to USASMA, ATTN: Deputy Commandant, 11291 SGT E. Churchill Street, Fort Bliss, TX 79918-8002.

Nominations contain the nomination data and is comprised of four parts: Part 1 – Personal Data; Part 2 – Career Biography of Nominee; Part 3 – Specific Contributions to USASMA/NCOES Narrative; and Part 4 – Official Photograph.

Selection board procedures

The USASMA Hall of Honor selection board convenes each year in May and is comprised of five individuals. The Commandant of USASMA serves as the President of the Board, exercising final induction authority. The remainder of the voting Board members consists of: the Deputy Commandant, Chief of Staff, Director of Training, a former inductee to the USASMA Hall of Honor, and the Director, Human Resources (Recorder / Non-Voting Member).

The Commandant approves the by-name Board membership of the former Hall of Honor Inductee.

The Board recommends inductees into the USASMA Hall of Honor and submit the list to the Commandant for final approval. Instructions for the selection process and a sample of the individual voting sheet are provided as Annex C and Annex D, respectively. Board results will not be made public until approved and inductees have been personally contacted by the Commandant.

All packets are verified by the Historian and completely reviewed by each board member before the board is convened.

Past Inductees

Class of 2006

SMA William G. Bainbridge
Gen. Ralph E. Haines, Jr.
Col. Karl R. Morton
CSM Ronnie Strahan
CWO Willem M. Tanis
Col. Fredrick E. Van Horn
SMA William O. Wooldridge

Class of 2007

Gen. Bruce Cooper Clarke
First Faculty Group Members

Class of 2008

CSM Ludek Kolesa
CSM John D. Sparks

Class of 2009
Class of 2010

CSM Dan Elder
CSM Jimmie Spencer
LTG David P. Valcourt
SGM Elvin (Al) Hobbs

Class of 2011

CSM Cynthia Pritchett
CSM James A. Vail
Gen. Gordon Sullivan
SMA Julius Gates
SMA Kenneth O. Preston

Class of 2012

CSM Anthony Williams
CSM Joseph Spencer
CSM Mark Ripka

Class of 2013

SGM Jeffery Colimon
SGM Danny Hubbard
SGM Jeff Wells

Class of 2014

CSM Donald Thomas
SGM Steven Merrill

COL Joseph Ostrowidzki

Class of 2015

CSM Phillip Johndrow
SGM Butch Koehler

Class of 2016

SMA Raymond F. Chandler III

Class of 2017

CSM Rory Malloy

Class of 2018

CSM David Davenport

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