Structured Self Development – Level II Modules

SSD II prepares Soldiers for the Advanced Leader Course. SSD Level II primary focus is at the squad level.



SL211  Communicate Effectively at the Direct Leadership Level 

SL212  Communicate in Writing

SL210  Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

SL213  Army Family Team Building (AFTB) Program

SL214   Equal Opportunity

SL215  Enlisted Aspects of Command Policies

SL216  Integrate Newly Assigned Soldiers

End-of-Module Examination A


SL217        The Army Safety Program 

ST210        Operations Security Measures (OPSEC)

SL218        Uniformed Code of Military Justice

SL219        Counsel Subordinates

SJ211         Introduction to Joint Operations

SR211        Senior Rater’s Portion of the NCOER

SH211        The History of the NCO

SL220        NCO Professional Ethics

SL222        SHARP

SL223        MSAF

End-of-Module Examination B


SR212        Serious Incident Report

ST211        Develop a Fitness Program

ST212        Conduct Range Operations

SL221        Combat Stress

SJ212         Training for Full-Spectrum Operations

ST213        Supervise Maintenance Operations

SL225        Army Emergency Relief (AER)

End-of-Module Examination C

MODULE C                          

ST214        Antiterrorism  

SJ213         Cross Cultural Competency  

ST215        Components of Electronic Warfare  

ST216        Detainee Operations  

ST217        Counterinsurgency Concepts (COIN) 

ST218        Media Awareness Principles  

ST219        Interpret Plans, Orders and Annexes 

ST220        Analyze Terrain

 End-of-Module Examination D

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